Garden Party Video DEBUNKED / Meghan and Harry Latest News

Tonight I look at the ridiculous story about the garden party video, and how lipreaders have debunked the crazy allegations against the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Royal Leak Double Act / Meghan and Harry latest News

Today I’m looking at numerous articles that claim that Prince William and Charles ‘teamed up’ and used Prince Andrew’s disastrous Newsnight interview as cover to orchestrate a ‘silent coup’ against Prince Harry, naturally seeing that its the Daily Fail, it is distorted and twisted.

Meghan & Harry VISIT Bakery In L.A. And Sign Up With Obama Speaking Group

Meghan & Harry visited and worked at Charity Homeboy Industries Bakery In Los Angeles and in other news The Duke and Duchess Of Sussex sign up with a high profile speaking agency who also represent Michelle and Barack Obama.

Baby Archie To Sue! and reading between the lines / Meghan and Harry Latest News

In this video I take a look at today’s news, the press coverage given to Robert Lacey’s book Battle Of Brothers, Another court case against the paparazzi, and more.

‘You’re A Gossip!’ / Meghan And Harry Latest News

Phillip Schofield & Holly Willoughby interviewed Lady Colin Campbell on This Morning and accused her of being a gossip in regards to her new Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Book.