7 thoughts on “Upstage Downstage / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. Hugo wondered if the Express had a department writing stories about Harry and Meghan. I think I have the answer, so far this month the Express has used 46 different writers to write stories. Its not difficult for them because when you look at them they obviously have a template. Each story will have the fact they stepped back, moved to LA, live in a 11 million pound house, have signed lucrative deals with Netflix and Spotify, did a bombshell interview with Oprah, Meghan is heavily pregnant, and then they will throw in a quote by a royal expert. Many of the stories will have been covered in other tabloids or magazines. No attempt to made to confirm ‘CLAIMS”.


  2. These people in the press who are busy trying to destroy Meghan’s character have no idea that they are distroying themselves because it is very unhealthy to carry on this character assignation 24/7 for no other reason other than wickedness. There is a saying in the bible ” The Evil that men do goes after them.” and ‘Whatever seeds one Soweth, that shall he also reap.”
    As for Gary Goldsmith’s ranting, he is either hired by the press to boast his niece’s waning profile or just attention seeking as he had been out of the tabloid front page for years. This is a man known for getting so drunk, staggered in the street and urinated in public. I am sure the Middleton’s are cringing every time he opens his drunking mouth. He is an embarrassment.


    1. It’s amazing that they are embarrassed by the actions of hate and stupidity. Meghan’s father and sister, Kate’s uncle, Piers Morgan etc. The Bible also speaks about being known by your actions as having the Fruits of the Spirit. The RF show themselves as bad fruit. They attempt to hide their evil spirits behind other evil people.


      1. Indeed the RF are evil, heartless, uncaring and cold. They are a bunch of hypocrites who pretends to be Christians, attends church services on sunday and yet doesn’t take any notice or practice the words of Jesus Christ and God’s commandments one of which is “Thou Shall not Provoke Your Children to Anger.”


  3. It seems that Meghan’s haters are so full of superiority complex and have the audacity to expect Meghan to put her daily activities on hold so that she doesn’t upstage other Royals. This intelligent woman of substance is no slave or subordinate to anyone in that Royal Family/Firm or Britain to pay obeisance to them. Who do they think they are? God created every human equally She has left the UK for her home country thousands of miles away and not taking any tax payers’ money like other Royals but still the daily harassment continued as if they expected her to disappear from the face of the earth. This daily Saga is so exhausting and damaging to watch by us the Sussexes’ fans. What’s so sad is the fact that she doesn’t fight back or have arguments with anyone. It is time that this irrational bullying stops. No pregnant woman deserve to go through what Meghan has been experiencing over the past three years.


  4. Harry is being accused of all sorts of things in the tabloids. First, he is accused of leaking news to the press after returning from the UK, but not one of the tabloids have been able to give specific examples pf what has been leaked. Funnily enough living in Canada I have not read or seen any news that would indicate leaked information, in fact the only news originates in the UK tabloids. At the same time I have identified 11 Express stories based upon, specifically, royal insiders, royal sources, royal courtiers, makes you wonder doesn’t it?
    Secondly, Harry is accused by experts (that had to be included) of six, yes six snubs during his short time in the UK, he snubbed the Queen by leaving before her birthday, and he snubbed William, Kate and their three children. Now the Queen allegedly (according to the tabloids and experts) told Harry she didn’t want him to stay, his relatives allegedly ignored him, his father went off to Wales, and the Cambridges were not that friendly. Is it any wonder that Harry couldn’t wait to get back to Meghan and Archie?


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