9 thoughts on “BACK HOME / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. The Royals are upset with Henry and Meghan because the two of them fell in Love, got Married, and have supported each other, and continue to Love and support each other to date. They brought a beautiful baby boy into the Royal family who is nothing but a bundle of joy as a perfect example of their Love. They moved to the States, purchased their own beautiful home, and now looking forward to their second bundle of joy, a beautiful baby girl. All of that is too much for the Royal family, because instead of operating out of Love, they operate out of force, manipulation, and control over everyone’s life. I am so glad that Henery took his family out of such a suffocating, restraining, and domineering Royal Mess to a World where he, his wife and children can live free and thrive. I just love to see the Sussex family happy and out of bondage. They are now free to “Soar like Eagles.” Still they Rise!!!

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  2. Angela Levin should have her own comedy programe because her claims are a laugh a minute. Charles and William are concerned about leaks? Their staff have been the source of countless leaks to the tabloids and experts over the past four years, think about who made who cry, the tiara, the bullying claim, and many, many more. Angela Levin only has to open her mouth and the tabloids are ready to print whatever drivel comes out of it, because she claims to be an expert.

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  3. I wish all of the trolls and trash would go away. Poof! Nobody will miss them. And I have been sounding a warning about People Magazine. I heard there is a transplant from the UK brought over specifically to elevate the royals while diminishing Meghan and Harry. I stopped my subscription because of it and got it free for a couple of years against my wishes. Desperation tactics!

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  4. A paparazzi photo is released of Meghan out with Archie (obviously not released by Meghan) and the trolls once again attack her claiming she is upstaging Kate’s release of a photo of Louis. What rubbish, these idiots must think Meghan sits around all day thinking about how she can get at Kate.

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  5. They are all so annoyingly useless and stupid. They have lost their senses of being, if they were ever had any to start with. Hopeless monarchists/morons


  6. Oh dear, now Kate lets her uncle Gary Goldsmith give an interview to The Mail where he goes about trashing Meghan. Clearly Kate is looking for a reconciliation.


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