3 thoughts on “Association Game / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. Guilty by association. The media don’t really have any thing on Harry. Their attempt to associate Harry with Andrew, is like tossing a saturated wet wool blanket in a fire pit…

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  2. The lie in the story about Paul O’Grady giving advice to Meghan is not surprising. Lets ask a few questions about this weeks news.
    Has any proof been offered to confirm that Meghan said she “was thinking” of “had decided” to forgive the Royal Family? other than the CLAIMS made in The Mail and Express.
    Has any proof been offered that Meghan said “she wouldn’t travel for the funeral because she didn’t want to be the center of attention?” other than CLAIMS.
    Both of the above have garnered thousands of comments attacking Meghan, some with racist undertones, and resulted in an author and a TV presenter telling her to shut up. Amazing isn’t it that you can say nothing and be told to shut up.
    Has any proof been offered that Prince Harry “threw tantrums’ over uniforms other than the CLAIM made by Angela Levin?
    Has any proof been offered that Prince Harry ‘forced’ the Queen to dictate that no uniforms were to be worn?
    The answers to all four questions, is a resounding NO. All have been fabricated to get the Harry and Meghan haters to froth at the mouth and of course to sell newspapers, truth is immaterial.


    1. Well said! It is clear to see these people do have deep problems. Meghan is living her life, while they’re having their problems over her living her life. How pathetically sad, for the lot of them.
      Haters are always going to be where they are…frustrated, infuriating, blindfolded, unhappy fools. All their money, without peace of mind, will surely keep them exactly where they are…”NO-WHERE” I DO PITY THEIR IGNORANCE


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