2 thoughts on “REGRET ME NOT / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. They definitely have nothing to regret about because times and seasons to be born or die rest not with anybody BUT the giver and creator of life and death. As usual unfortunately, humanity choose to wallow in ignorance and darkness. The Sussexes will keep shinning for they have seen the light


  2. Today Angela Levin managed to show what a silly woman she is when she was quoted in a Mail story headlined “Royal experts blast Prince Harry and Andrew’s ‘shameful tantrums’ over Philip funeral row”. The experts are Angela Levin, Robert Jobson, and Peter Hunt, and its all about the decision over the wearing of military uniforms. Angela Levin tweeted “Due to Princes Andrew and Harry throwing tantrums, none of the Royal Family will be wearing military uniforms on Saturday”. Does Ms. Levin offer any proof of these tantrums? NO. Does Ms. Levin state she had been advised by a source, insider? NO. So we have to conclude that Ms. Levin is so consumed with her dislike of Harry that she will fabricate any story to make him look bad. This is not the first time this week she has made up stories, earlier she attacked Meghan over the ‘forgive’ claims.


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