9 thoughts on “HOME ALONE / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. Am very happy that Meghan stays home in her situation.Going was going to cot her unnecessary stress. All eyes would be directed on her and haters would not stop. Besides it’s good that Harry goes alone to solve problems with his family. I pray they are kind to him and say sorry for all the pain they caused him. Anyway he has a home, a wife and Archie to come to. Wish him well and pray for Meghan to be safe and protected by our God.

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    1. They (The SUSSEXES) will all be fine no matter what. Unseen angels from heaven’s protection Squad will be going with PH to protect him while in the midst of those mafia cabal family


  2. Greetings! This is how this should be handled at this time, considering the state of the pandemic in the UK and the world! Meghan should not endanger herself or the baby that she is carrying. We should be mindful of the fact that she miscarried last year. We want Meghan and the baby to be safe and healthy! Our sympathy is with Harry. Travel safely Harry and come home safe and sound to Meghan, Archie and almost Baby 2!


  3. No body knows Meghan’s risks at this moment in her pregnancy, the fact she had a miscarriage and her age would ensure her doctors would be extra careful about recommending a 12 hour flight.
    It appears that the UK has resurrected The Three Stooges in the shape of Piers Morgan, Jeremy Clarkson, and Nigel Farage, who constantly make fools of themselves with their constant bashing of Harry and Meghan.

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    1. They never accused family of racism—there was a person -one person -worried about skin color. Meghan also made it clear there is a difference between family and the staff that run things.


  4. PM,JC and NF are all lost souls and labouring under the power of darkness so I would not worry about those morons and buffoons. They remain losers for ever


  5. I am glad how providence timed it so that Princess M does not have to go near them at this time in her life. Daily Mail is desperate not to fold up so its time is limited


  6. So The Express manages to write three separate stories based upon Meghan’s friend(s) talking to The Mail (do we believe her friends would be talking to The Mail?) The most outlandish headline concocted by The Express is “Meghan Markle ‘willing to forgive royals and move forward’ after Philip death” Clearly a headline to get the haters frothing at the mouth and it succeeds with 1618 comments (you can guess the quality of them)
    The Mail says Harry is at Frogmore other reports say he is at Nottingham Cottage, they just cant agree. The Mail also tries to throw doubt about why Meghan did not travel back, with a friend telling the Mail Meghan didn’t want to be the center of attention and that it was Doria Ragland who insisted she not travel. All part of the tabloids agenda to tell falsehoods all the time.


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