4 thoughts on “Blame Game Again / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. Absolutely correct Hugo, it appears to be a surprise that a 99 year old man with apparent heart problems and whose health has been deteriorating would die. Any attempt to connect the interview with Philip’s death is evil. Note The Mail headline “CBS ignores Harry and Meghan interview in its coverage of Philip’s death”, CBS is the only one to get it right, the two are not connected, good for them. Fox News on the other hand does try to connect the two events. The Mail story was commented on by over 10K people with the usual hateful comments against Meghan, and they wonder why she will not return to the UK.


  2. He never knew about interview-no more than he knew about Prince William’s shenanigans.No one gossips with a 99 year old. That fool at Fox News must be a fan of lying Piers Morgan. He was never aware of any interview. That man should be fired for gossiping like a silly old woman.


  3. It appears that Meghan has been advised by her doctor not to travel, this news has brought out the worst of the British people as comments attached to three stories in The Express has shown. It is unbelievable the level of hatred and vitriol aimed at Meghan, the British public should be ashamed of themselves. Some of the comments must have been that bad that even the Express shows them being removed.


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