5 thoughts on “This SPEAKS VOLUMES / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. The UK tabloids have been full of the Piers Morgan/Tucker Carlson interview on Fox. The headlines have been predictable with the Express leading with the number of stories produced, and the tro;;s are having a field day.
    The headline in The Scottish Sun is a typical example ” ‘Delusional’ Meghan Markle latest news-Duchess and Harry lied DEVENTEEN times during Oprah interview, Piers Morgan CLAIMS”. So Piers Morgan on public television is calling them liars? Piers Morgan should know that claims are meaningless without supporting evidence or proof. The bulk of UK tabloid stories about Meghan and Harry are based upon CLAIMS made by unnamed sources or by experts, none of which are supported by proof or evidence, it is no good using words like “believe”, “feel”, “understand”.
    Piers Morgan obviously believes it is all a game as he uses the bully tactic of challenging Harry and Meghan to an interview with him.
    Then we have the claim by Piers Morgan that he has been contacted by senior members of the Royal Family congratulating him. If this is true who is betraying who?

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  2. IF [a big if] TRUE that william ended his friendship with tom bradby because bradby is close with harry, one has to wonder 1] what this really means in terms of harry & wm even getting remotely close to harry again and 2] what kind of king william would make. i think this speaks VERY badly about wm. [and i am no fan of wm] as i have said before, i think this is a matter of wm being jealous of the attention that harry gets. its ironic that people comment that if harry & meghan really wanted privacy, they wouldnt have all these stories in the press/media about them. BUT harry & meghan are NOT putting these stories, usually negative, in the media…its selling papers…and, if true, coming from sources outside the sussex camp.

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  3. Let GOD be the judge what these cruel people are perpetuating against the Sussexes. They will continue to WIN and SHINE FOR EVER and all their haters can eat out their racist hearts!. RIDE ON EAGLES.WINGS PH and DM. Keep your dignified silence for the fools and their coward royal sponsors.


  4. What a todo. It must have been a slow day for the tabloids because all of them, along with tv stations, are full of the story about the police attending Harry and Meghan’s home 9 times in 9 months. Hard to see how this is of any relevance for people in the UK.
    As the Express keeps up its unending stories it would help if their writers talked to each other or if individuals remembered what they had written, see the following:-
    Oliver Trapnall wrote a story headline “Majority of Britons think Harry and Meghan should be stripped of royal titles-POLL”, this only garnered 26 comments so he tried another one.
    “Young Brits want Harry to be king over Charles after Queen’s reign ends-poll suggests”. he hit the jackpot with this one with 438 comments. Then we have:-
    Claire Anderson story headline “Prince Harry is ‘preferred future monarch’ as Duke faces demands to return to UK as his popularity has skyrocketed according to royal commentator Anna Muuson’ (seems to go against what the tabloids have been saying. And then we have:-
    Katie Harris story headline “Prince Harry urged to stay away from UK for Princess Diana statue unveiling ‘not welcome'”
    See what I mean? they cant get agreement on their stories.


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