One thought on “Muddying The Waters / Meghan and Harry latest news

  1. The tabloids are desperate to debunk everything Harry and Meghan said in the interview the latest is around Harry stating they had no plans for how they would become financially independent. Both The Mail and Express are carrying stories that Harry and Meghan were in discussions with Quibi in 2019 before they stepped down. Interestingly the story was first carried by Vanity Fair in September 2020 after they had stepprd down, no reference to them in negotiations before stepping down. Vanity Fair refers to SOURCES who had spoken to Page Six, and also says that Quibi approached Harry and Meghan but they decided to go with Netflix, which makes sense. The recent story originates with The Telegraph who write that SOURCES CLAIM (note the two words that indicate caution SOURCES and CLAIM).
    Note the headline from The Mail to give the story more drama “Prince Harry and Meghan Markle told royal advisors ‘You can’t stop us doing what we want’ as they held talks with streaming platform Quibi before Megxit, CLAIM SOURCES.
    Headline from The Express “Another Meghan and Harry claim obliterated as SOURCES exposes 2019 plan which states discussions started in early 2019. The Express added “A ROYAL SOURCE said ‘a lot of it was orchestrated by Meghan’s people in America”, put the blame on Meghan.
    Some context, Quibi was founded in August 2018 and was launched in April 2020, so these sources would have us believe that within months of getting married Harry and Meghan were in discussions.


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