5 thoughts on “Hello, Hello, What’s Going On Here Then? / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. I agree, what a fuss, talk about making a mountain out of a molehill, you would believe the world is coming to an end according to the UK tabloids. An off-the-cuff comment by Meghan in a chicken coup (not even part of the proper interview) has created a month of tabloid stories. What exactly did Meghan say? Well she said that Harry and Meghan were married three days before the official event, they contacted the Archbishop and asked to exchange their vows in their garden, lovely it was special to them and they felt they were married. The UK tabloids are like terriers with a bone, they just wont let go. Finally the Archbishop of Canterbury has said “The LEGAL wedding was on Saturday” note the word LEGAL. The Archbishop also said “I won’t say what happened at any other meetings”. I am sure the UK tabloids will make up a raft of stories about that comment.


  2. Looks like she will have to file more lawsuits. This poor young, beautiful woman gets no sympathy for almost having a nervous breakdown. That ghetto country is obsessed right along with piers morgan.


  3. So Dan Wooton and Piers Morgan are taking their campaign against Meghan to the USA, with Wootton already talking on April 1st, and Morgan scheduled to appear on Monday with Tucker Carlson. Why Foxnews? well they like bullies, think Donald Trump. Why Tucker Carlson? well if you live in North America you will know, he will support Morgan.
    Dan Wootton said “Harry and Meghan have worked out that they can get their critics cancelled from the mainstream media-the consequences of that for free speech and debate are chilling”. So exactly who have they had cancelled Dan?, you have been one of their worst critics, but you are still out there attacking them constantly, so your statement does not hold water. Remember Morgan resigned.
    These people will do anything to destroy Meghan.


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