One thought on “Don’t Call Me PRINCE Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. It appears that anyone who doesn’t know Harry and Meghan can pen an article about them and the UK tabloids will shamelessly print them, such as “Prince Harry is ‘Trying to keep up’ with Meghan Markle” says Celeb Agent, Jonathan Shalit.
    Then take the following from The Sun, “MEG MOAN: Meghan Markle latest news–Prince Harry ‘unhappy with self-serving Duchess who shredded family’, Piers Morgan (yes him again) suggests. Whatever Piers Morgan says the tabloids will print, it is immaterial that Piers Morgan hasn’t the slightest idea what the dynamics are of Harry and Meghan’s relationship. Apparently Garbage in/garbage out sells papers.
    If you want to really understand the tabloid press attacks on Meghan I would recommend reading a four part analysis by ‘researchwriter’, titled “The Agonizing Press Behind Meghan Markle”.
    Part IV closes with some questions, the most significant is: “If this is how a woman of color is treated in what is perceived to be the highest of spaces, then what does that indicate about the treatment of other women of color every where else? The series of parts were written between August 2019 and October 2019 and revised in December 2019.


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