6 thoughts on “BOOM And BUST / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. It is nothing new to associate Meghan with something she has no control of. Remember the connection to drought and violence because she likes avocadoes, her support of the Hub kitchen and a mosque associated with terrorism, and the earrings from Saudi Arabia were referred to as ‘blood money’.
    The UK tabloids have created an atmosphere of near hysteria over the recent interview. The first was Meghan’s comment, whilst in the hen house, that she and Harry were married three days before the actual event. Obviously they both knew they were not legally married at that time, but that was not the point, they wanted to exchanges vows in a private setting away from the media, and in that respect they felt married. Big deal, right? But something beautiful has to be dragged through the mud and made dirty by the UK tabloids, you will lose count of how many stories have been written about it, even the Church of England has weighed in (shame on them). The tabloids and the trolls only heard ‘we got married three days before’.
    The second one is the racism claim. Neither one of them accused the Royal Family of racism, this has been entirely a UK media construct. They said that someone in the Royal Family was questioning the colour of their babies skin. The whole tabloid approach has been about how hurt the Queen and Royal Family have been, not one has written about the hurt to Harry and Meghan. Interesting how quickly the Queen plans a diversity drive and is to appoint a ‘diversity tsar’ to modernize the Monarchy (the penny has dropped that we are in 2021 not 1821).


  2. Andrew Neil chair of GB News mocks Harry’s role on misinformation on Twitter, he received over 4,000 likes and hundreds of retweets. Mocking is such a childish practice but appears to be common with the tabloids and the British public regarding Harry and Meghan


  3. Well said Michael. I hope the entire vulgar UK media goes out of business. They have poisoned the world against Meghan. To be globally bullied would drive me to suicide.


  4. Appointing a “diversity tsar” would be the first positive move to modernised the Royal Firm. The next should be a regular appraisal system for everyone within the family and organisation
    every six months to review progress such as likes and dislikes, their feelings and state of minds and how they could be listened to and proactively helped as necessary.
    Thirdly the Royal Family should unzipped that old fashioned stiff upper lips and use their voice to challenge the News Press whenever they are writing things that are false and be able to set the record straight. God created us all with a voice. To have a voice and not using it to speak out when you see and know that something is wrong can be very damaging as we have learnt recently and in the past.


  5. The UK tabloid press stories continue unrelentingly. Why would Prince Albert of Monaco enter the fray? Not to worry he gave all the fodder the tabloids needed with headlines like Prince Albert of Monaco BLASTS Harry (Daily Mail), Monaco’s Prince Albert SLAMS (The Sun), Prince Albert of Monaco CRITICIZES (People).
    Then we have The Express with “Meghan Markle ‘will be wailing’ at news of bombshell (another favorite word of the tabloids) – ‘Secrets will come out'”. In fact according to an expert (unnamed) Meghan will be ‘wailing and gnashing her teeth’. The writer Tom Bowyer has made no secret of his disdain for Meghan in an article he wrote for The Sun, so don’t expect an unbiased story, just consider one line “She wanted to be Queen of England. All those Britons who stood in her way are accused of sexism and racism’. It is interesting that the first time Meghan has ever spoken out was with the Oprah interview, so when has she accused anyone of sexism and racism?


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