4 thoughts on “What’s The Difference? / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. Megan should sue these people for going illegally into her social security info. Disgusting illegal situation. This is what Megan was talking about not being protected by the palace. It seems like a planned move to discredit Megan of course she was too popular out shining the rest. Then being kept a prisoner. NO PROTECTION!


  2. The news that The Sun hired a private investigator to find dirt on Meghan shows the depths the UK tabloids will sink for the sake of a story. The Sun’s denial is laughable, interestingly not one tabloid is running the story. Equally concerning should be all the sources in the palaces feeding gossip to the tabloids and experts, it is time for the palaces to stop it. An example is the ongoing story of who made who cry over the bridesmaids dresses. Camilla Tominey, who originally broke the story, appeared on The Morning and doubled down stating “she stood by her reporting.” Ms. Tominey goes on to say “she received information through two ROYAL INSIDERS, (she doesn’t say if these insiders were party to what happened), she goes on “I did get it well sourced and I’ve received messages saying the story is accurate” (she does not say from whom these messages were received). Then Ms. Tominey moans that Kate’s side of the story will be unheard, did Ms. Tominey ever give Meghan a chance to respond? NO.
    It begs belief that two ROYAL INSIDERS went to Ms. Tominey with this story months after the event, what was their motive?
    I see that Piers Morgan is having a go at everyone and the tabloids are quite happy to give him space for his bully pulpit.


  3. All the experts must have been told to get on Tv and try to discredit Meghan. Arthur Edwards, talking to an Australian station manages to make a complete ass of himself as he tries to prove Meghan knew all about the royal family. His evidence? First he brings up the fact that Meghan had a photo taken sitting on a railing across from Buckingham Palace. Second he brings up that she watched Diana’s funeral on TV. The nonsense spouted by this man is unbelievable.
    I’ve got news for Mr. Edwards, many Americans would have a hard job telling you where Canada is, so why would they be interested in the Royal Family?


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