2 thoughts on “HARRY’S ‘UNPRODUCTIVE’ CALL With Willam and Charles / Meghan And Harry Latest News

  1. MEANWHILE, the BF CONSTANTLY allows “UNNAMED SOURCES” to air their dirty comments. SURELY, gayle king would NOT have spoken of this UNLESS H+M gave their permission!!!!! angela levin has, unfortunately, sadly, turned into a royal sycophant rather han an honest finder of facts. i want to add how sad it is that TRUE ROYALTY has also gone full-tilt on H+M on their “royal beat” program…only using anti-sussex commentators, i no longer bother with “royal beat.” totally unsubjective.


  2. Prior to the response to Gayle King stating that talks were ‘unproductive in the tabloids the Express ran the following story.
    Headline: “Prince Harry’s email to Charles ‘justifying’ why he and Meghan agreed to Oprah tell-all” Who was the source of this story? why the fount of all true information, Katie Nicholl, who claimed Harry was emailing his father, and a friend said Charles was said to be in a state of despair. A SOURCE told Vanity Fair “I know he (Harry) has spoken to the Queen and has been in regular contact with his father”. Where did this information come from?
    Now lets look at the double standard applied by these so called experts.
    Headline: “Kate ‘mortified’ Meghan brought up bridesmaid dresses- ‘she knew she can’t respond’ a royal biographer claimed. Who is the royal biographer? why Katie Nicholl again. Katie says “From what I hear there were different versions of the bridesmaid story (she does not elaborate on that) not just the one Meghan discussed” Katie conveniently overlooked the story leaked previously. Katie continues “Kate was not in a position to respond” neither was Meghan able to respond and neither did Kate deny the story (very one sided). Katie says “It’s hurtful and they feel let down” obviously Kate when she allowed the original story to run did not believe it would be hurtful to Meghan.
    Then the race issue.
    Headline: “‘Despicable” Meghan savaged for ‘playing race card’-Royal war erupts as ex-aide furious”. A FORMER SENIOR AIDE (unnamed) has accused Meghan Markle of ‘playing the race card’ calling it ‘despicable’ the fact that he obviously does not believe that questioning the skin color of an unborn child says a lot about the mind set of the royal household.


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