3 thoughts on “USA Vs UK / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. It is interesting to see various experts from around the world ( gleefully reported in the tabloids) along with all manner of people in the UK trying to throw doubt on Harry and Meghan’s interview. They are perfectly frree to have an opinion but they are not free to say it did not happen unless they have proof, or they were there and were party to the discussions. The comment about the color of Archie’s skin is real and hurtful to Harry and Meghan, throwing doubt only increases that pain. It is also interesting how little the role of the tabloids has been discussed, with their racist stories. The UK today is suffering from a severe case of color blindness, it has always been there.


  2. Indeed!! Ever since that interview there are many columnists writing articles dissecting everything that was said by Harry and Meghan. One Author named Douglas Murray wrote on the Mail on Sunday, that Oprah did not scrutinise those answers the couple were given to her questions. He went on to say (I quote) “there is a difference between having Dark Thoughts and actually attempting suicide.” In his opinion, because the interviewer is a friend it was conducted in favour of the Sussexes by allowing them free rein to imply British Newspapers are racists. Whether dark thoughts or attempting suicide are both equally very serious enough for Palace to respond to when someone has been asking for help. Mr Murray is no Psychologist or Psychiatrist prioritised. Royal loyal supporters rare so dangerously bias. Even if the truth is smacking them on face they’ll turn a blind eye. So sad!!!


  3. Another Meghan basher SARAH VINE wrote in The Mail on Sunday, (I quote) “STRIDING across a windswept Clapham Common in a Barbour and jeans, the Duchess of Cambridge pays her respects, no gloss, no drama, just honest sentiment. WATCH and LEARN MEGHAN WATCH and LEARN.

    Well well well!! That picture of her in a crowded street with no FACE MASK on, mingling with protesters in this pandemic has been commented on and criticised around the world unfavourably. They called it a “PR Stunt.” I feel sorry for Kate because whoever is advising her is doing her no favour. The visit to Scotland with her husband on a Royal Train when visitors were banned from visiting areas outside their residential areas during the peak of the pandemic was also given a bad publicity. The RFand the Press down south didn’t see it as a bad idea and a wrong timing. The Press went out in full force to defend their action positively. If Meghan and Harry had done what the Cambridges had done against the rules at the time, it would have been condemned endlessly by the Press, media and trolls.

    Meghan does not need to learn anything from the Royals, least of all Kate. As far as services and supports to the public is concern. During her short stay in the UK, she gave a lot of her time and knowledge, and raised money for good courses. Sometimes made secret visits to people in needs and charities away from the cameras. Needless to say that she and Harry continued their work serving the people of America. abiding by the rules with face mask on to protect themselves and the public. I am glad she and Harry have left England for good because this country did not appreciate their service, therefore doesn’t deserve them. Above all their lives were unsurvivable with continuous harassment. BRITAIN’S LOSS IS AMERICA’S GAIN.


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