10 thoughts on “William RESPONDS / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. Why are the Royals talking now? Why not say “nothing ” like they have all along! In my opinion; Now is the time to be silent. Sometimes it is hard to believe that people are so ignorant! There is no effort to being kind, and Karma is real. GOD states in his word that; “you reap what you sow” In my words, “what goes around comes around” the Royals need to just own “it” and learn, and move on! No matter what, they will still have followers!


    1. The Royals everything was find until Prince Harry wanted a family and not be the third wheel. Harry made Kate ,Happy not her Husband PRINCE WILLIAM. RRAD THE PICTURE ON EVERY WALL where theirs three.


  2. Katy Kate,, Prince Harry kept her laughing. Williams can not.Megan make Prince Harry vHerr World 🌎 and they want to have a family.


  3. What a well planned question. Have you noticed how the tabloids narrative has changed to :Meghan accuses the Royal Family of racism”.
    More fall out today as a Mr. Murray of the Editors Circle resigned after his pathetic performance being interviewed on BBC when the interviewer asked him about the double standards in the media towards Meghan and Kate, he stumbled and stumbled trying to prove the tabloids were not against Meghan.


  4. Why are the Royal family on the defensive about how Meghan and Harry are feeling?
    If they had nothing to do with what Meghan and Harry said happened to them they would be saying wow we did not know that the firm treated you that way. Let’s make this right. Why is this about them now?


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