2 thoughts on “What REALLY Happened with PIERS! / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. It’s a shame that the monarchy stripped Harry of his military titles and most importantly, his security. He gave his life for his country and this is how he is rewarded? It’s racism pure and simple. I hope there will be a backlash against Andrew and why he’s being protected.


  2. Fantastic, Meghan finally skewered Piers Morgan after all he has said about her over the past years.
    The Queen apparently, according to the Mail, issued instructions to staff not to discuss the interview in public. Now I would assume that also means the tabloid press, however The Mail carries a story about the lack of support to Meghan quoting a number of sources and insiders, clearly the Queen’s word carries no weight.
    Camilla Tominey today talking about the bullying allegations stated she had been told one of those making the claim was considering suing, again this is information given to her after it was stated everything would be confidential.
    I think over the next few weeks there will be a string of allegations from sources and insiders against Meghan, she and Harry knew that you could not trust anyone in the institution.


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