2 thoughts on “PIERS GONE! and Queen RESPONDS / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. Yes, this is the best news for some time! After the performance on his last panel show, I could see this man turned into a fanatic ,hysterical and bully characteristics and full of verbal hatred-all while not aware of it whenever speaking-the qualities that no journalist or a broadcaster should have. Isn’t it the man who was an editor of a tabloid at the time of the hacking scandals in the 90s?Why was he even allowed to be on TV since 2015? – serious reshuffle across all the media is well overdue!


    1. Pieds Morgan was the first journalist to see through the fakes.

      Meghan PR team might be happy but they are the ones that lost a “pouparler”. The French do not wish trash news on our tv broadcast except of Her Magesty the Queen. Hopefully we will have peace now.


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