2 thoughts on “I Want A FRONT PAGE APOLOGY! / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. Its Tuesday and the tabloid hysteria is fast moving to a crescendo as they connect the interview with Prince Philip’s illness. All the experts are piling on with talk about the actions of a caring family in a crisis, where was this caring family when Harry and Meghan needed them? This caring family turned their backs on them and left them no choice but to leave the UK, aided and abetted by the tabloid press.
    It is good to see Meghan continue to win against The Mail.


  2. It appears that the Royals have launched a smear campaign against Meghan with The Times reporting that “two palace aids told them that Meghan bullied an adviser”. The story was expanded to three people being bullied and Knauf reporting this to William. Who authorized two palace aides to talk to The Times?


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