One thought on “Meghan and Harry Talk About The Crown, Baby Archie On LATE LATE SHOW

  1. Harry talks to James Corden on TV and I asked myself how many stories will the UK tabloids write about this. I was not disappointed as there was much gnashing of teeth by both the tabloids and experts. The resulting stories shows how idiotic the writers and the experts are. The Express has outdone itself and I will list the most idiotic to the least.
    1. Prince Harry and Meghan ‘want to take over’ British monarchy in ‘absurd’ competition (story by Kyle Farrell) says
    Angela Levin, who was angry over the interview (why?)
    2. Queen fury: Palace hits back at Prince Harry over Late Show clash– “Queen gets priority” (story by Alice Scaesi)
    Claims Palace sources have criticized the timing of the interview (they obviously don’t realize that Harry has no
    control), insiders said it has created ‘disquiet in the Palace (why?). A senior source openly criticized the lack of
    coordination (did this source expect Corden to call them? and when did it apply to the USA?)
    3. Piers Morgan mocks Prince Harry in sarcastic attack on the Duke (Morgan just can’t help himself can he?)
    4. Prince Harry refuses to accept royal exit– “I will never walk away” (story by James Bickerton)
    5. ‘What the hell ?!” Prince Harry told he ‘made fool of himself’ in ‘puerile’ TV interview (story by Alice Scarsi), so
    says Richard Fitzwilliams (another one who can’t help himself) and then there are quotes from Phil Dampier,
    Richard Eden of The Mail, Angela Levin (again), and Robert Jobson.
    6. Not again ‘Prince Harry climate vow torn over ‘gas-guzzling bus’ appearance (story by Clive Hammond)
    7. Meghan Markle shares her second nickname for Prince Harry during LA video call (story by James Bickerson)
    8. Hartley-Brewer contrasts ‘selfish’ Prince Harry to the Queen—‘exact opposites’ (story by Oli Smith)
    9. Queen and Philip have ‘seen Archie running around’ as opens up about family contact (story by Naomi
    10. ‘I didn’t expect that’ Prince Harry leaves James Corden speechless as he veers off-script (story by Naomi
    11. Prince Harry ‘looked uncomfortable’ during Jamed Corden interview (story by Tim McNulty), says expert
    Rhianon Mills on Sky News
    12. Queen’s adorable connection with Archie Harrison– Harry opens up over special present (story by Alice Scarsi)
    13. Archie Harrison’s first word! Prince Harry gives adorable update on son’s progress (story by Frederica Miller)
    14. Is anyone surprised? Prince Harry rushes to Netflix’s defence over Crown backlash (story by Katie Harris)
    15. Prince Harry lifts lid on Meghan Markle whirlwind romance—‘we went from 0 to 60’ (story by Katie Harris)

    Fifteen stories by nine different writers.
    One final story reads “Meghan and Harry dealt blow as thousands vow to boycott Oprah Winfrey interview, as per another Express poll answered by 9797 people with 89% saying they wont watch it. The writer and the Express miss thefact that the release will be world wide, it was not produced for the UK.


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