3 thoughts on “William Is FURIOUS Again… / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. As expected the UK tabloids are in full fury over the exit and the upcoming Oprah interview, with The Mail and the Express leading the charge.
    The Express managed a couple of stories, both based on comments from “royal expert” Penny Junor.
    The Mail outdid itself with headlines “Oprah spent two days with Meghan and Harry hours before their parting shot at Palace” and “William’s fury at Meghan and Harry’s ‘insulting, disrespectful and petulant’ parting shot at the Queen”. Both stories are full of information from aides, sources and insiders and include information supplied to the Sun and Sunday Times. Yet again people close to Harry and Meghan took it upon themselves to talk to the tabloids. There have been additional stories by those standbys Richard Kay, Sarah Vine and Jan Moir all cannot help but jump on the bandwagon.
    But in one of The Mail stories there is some very telling quotes from author Hugo Vickers which sheds light on the cruel attacks on Meghan. Mr. Vickers suggests that Harry should remove himself from the line of succession. Mr. Vickers is then quoted as saying “Then there was the prospect of Queen Meghan, which no one wants” he doesn’t elaborate who the no ones are but we can guess. He continues “The idea that she (Meghan) could end up representing our country is impossible. It simply cannot be”. Why could ‘it not be’? he doesn’t say but it does not take much imagination to guess. Add this to the wall of shame.


  2. Watching everything unfold from afar I have to laugh at how the UK tabloids like to dream up titles. First there was the “Fabulous Four”, then there was “Megxit” and now the latest “The Magnificent Seven” I have visions of them riding into some small village to save the day.


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