5 thoughts on “‘REBEL SUPERHERO’ / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. I do hope they realize that soon there will be no Commonwealth. Barbados & Jamaica have already said that this year they will be coming a Republic. Should nations begin opting out before or after the Queen’s death Charles &Will could kiss the crown goodbye. They better think of what they will do as Meghan & Harry have already proven that it could be done.


  2. To believe that to give a life of service one had to belong to the royal family is the height of arrogance and a disservice to the thousands upon thousands of people who make sacrifices to serve. Harry and Meghan’s response makes that clear, it was not a ‘snub’ to the Queen. The BBC commentator trying to convince there were hidden meanings in the Queen’s release is to my mind an idiot, if the Queen wanted things to be clearer then it should have been included, not left for the BBC to interpret it. The next two weeks will see the tabloids in overdrive as they speculate about the upcoming interview.


  3. Absolutely true…someone who hates you normally hares you for one of three reasons…they either see you as a threat…they hate themselves..or they want to be you. I submit all 3 are possible at the same time.


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