4 thoughts on “Buckingham Palace ARE NERVOUS! / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. WELL THE ROYALS MUST BE GUILTY OF SOMETHING. WHY ELSE WOULD THEY BE WORRIED ? NEVERTHELESS AM MORE CONCERNED ABOUT THE HAPPINESS OF MEGHAN , HARRY AND THEIR KIDS. The rest ist mir würst. I don’t care much for the royal family. Not after they looked away as Meghan and Harry were hammered by the UK media including the MEAN Piers Morgen.


  2. After enduring four years of constant battering by the UK media (press, radio and TV) with no support from Buckingham Palace and the many ‘sources and insiders’ who leaked gossip, is it any wonder that Harry and Meghan may wish to set the record straight?
    The Express are churning out story after story about the interview with a myriad of ‘experts’ adding their ‘ten-cents’ worth including Richard Fitzwilliams who calls it disrespectful for blindsiding the Queen, and claims the Palace will be unable to defend itself against Meghan and Harry’s words, all this before knowing what those words will be. Clearly the Palace must be nervous.


  3. Richard Fitzwilliams, your words “it is disrespectful for blindsiding the Queen” for Harry and Meghan to allow Oprah Winfrey to interview them. Really??? Where was she and the rest of the Royal Firm when Harry and Meghan went through such relentless abuse from the media and Press etc throughout Meghan’s pregnancy with Archie, to the point where George Cloony spoke and pleaded with the Press to stop and consider what they were doing to a pregnant woman. Even when 72 female MPs signed a letter of solidarity against the bullying and misleading tabloid newspapers and their allies both on social media and within the walls of the Palace they didn’t stop. The abuse and lies became toxic when it was splashed all over the papers and social media that “MEGHAN MADE KATE CRIED?” Why was this untrue story not put right to the public? Needless to mention the fact it was repeated numerous times like gospel.
    Mr Fitzwilliams what would you say that Prince Andrew’s BBC Interview did to the queen? You don’t have to answer.


  4. So the tabloid stories are about them not telling the Queen about the interview. Why would they forewarn “The Firm” the very organization that did nothing to support them and stop the constant vindictive stories about them?


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