2 thoughts on “Meghan and Harry ANNOUNCE 90 Minute INTERVIEW With OPRAH

  1. About time, I bet palace officials are running around like chickens with their heads cut off. No matter how the interview goes the UK tabloids will interpret everything in a negative way.


  2. Please spare me from the mock outrage of the UK tabloids, experts and Piers Morgan, about this interview. There is an agenda which is often repeated that Harry and Meghan left for privacy, when did they ever say that? Meghan clearly stated that she expected coverage to be fair, which it had not been and continues to this day to be unfair. What they wanted was to be away from the toxic media of the UK (print, TV, and radio) and to control the agenda on their terms. There has never been a fair unbiased story about the reasons they stepped back in the UK media, perhaps the interview will help, the UK media may well finish up with egg on their faces.


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