13 thoughts on “Meghan & Harry Announce Pregnancy Baby No 2

  1. Let’s hope meghan gives archie a little sister and hope if they do they call her Diana that would be a great way to honour harry’s mum


  2. Wonderful announcement along with a great picture. I wondered how the UK tabloids would respond, the Mail didn’t disappoint, as today they manage a story accusing them of overshadowing Eugenie again (that was expected), then another story quoting various ‘experts’ bemoaning the fact that te Queen, Prince Phillip, Charles and Camilla will not see the new baby (all trying to shame Harry and Meghan). Then of course we have pathetic Piers Morgan trashing the photo. I hope that Meghan never returns to such a toxic country.


  3. Congratulations to the amazing Duke and Duchess of Sussex. So delighted for you. This has been the best news so far for 2021. Meghan please take life slowly and allow some time for respite. We the Sussex Squads are very joyful and want you to remain well and strong. We pray that all goes well for you. HALLELUJAH AMEN!!!!!! BLESSINGS and HONOUR to you and family as always.


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