6 thoughts on “Harry WINS Against DAILY MAIL / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. by the royal family removing Meghan’s name from Archie’s birth certificate, it sounds as if the royal family is trying to eliminate her from the family tree, ghosting her.


    1. And you believe that crap
      This is what Harry is stopping
      She’s his mom and her name stays on his birth certificate Why would people want to believe fake news


  2. Harry has been selective about his actions against the tabloids. What is obvious here is they will settle when they realize there are no sales if they continue the story.
    Regarding the birth certificate this is an example of the outlandish intrusion by the tabloids into Harry and Meghan’s life. How were they able to waltz in and obtain copies of the certificates, when I wanted a copy I had to jump through hoops to prove I was entitled to get one. Why has this suddenly become a story, being talked about by media and experts the world over, Archie was born in May 2019, the change occurred June 2019, and just now The Sun dreams up a conspiracy theory as to why the change was made.


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