One thought on “Meghan & Archie To Stay Home When Harry RETURNS TO UK

  1. This story is a classic example of how the tabloids work together. It starts with the Daily Mail who quote unnamed sources and insiders it is then taken up by the Daily Express who manage to write a few stories about it. Then the story is taken up by numerous “royal experts” who take the opportunity to attack Meghan accusing her of ‘snubbing’ the Queen. Note that the original story in The Mail the insiders were at pains to state it was not a snub if Meghan did not attend (full well knowing that the experts would interpret it as a snub).
    What are the known facts? Well there are none. You would not have to be a rocket scientist to conclude that Harry may visit the UK this year, you could also believe he would be with Meghan and Archie, or not. There have been no official announcements so far as to what Harry and Meghan’s travel plans are, so the tabloids and the experts make themselves look stupid with their speculations and opinions. Harry has not said if and when he is coming, Meghan has not said if she will come or not.
    It is beyond the understanding of the tabloids and these experts why Meghan would choose to not to visit a country whose press has vilified her for the past four years, who run polls and publish results stating that she is hated and she should be stripped of her titles and patronages. A country whose press has repeatedly states that the royal family and its officials don’t like her. As for Archie, why would she bring him back to such a toxic country? She knows that Archie will be dissected by the UK press, every look and action, and he would be compared with other royal children.


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