One thought on “Review CANCELLED 🚫, Harry ‘Heartbroken’?? / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. The response to Tom Bradby proves how the tabloids work together on a story. Tom Bradby said “I think Harry is heart broken”. the key words are “I think”, he offers no supportive evidence, he does not say he has been in touch, it is his opinion only. Note that Harry has not said anything about leaving and its effect on him and Meghan. Tom Bradby should have known that the tabloids would put their own spin on his comments, and we were not disappointed.
    Dear old Angela Levin jumped on board by accusing Meghan and Harry of trying to play ‘victims’, how does she reach that conclusion? they would have had to say something, but they didn’t.
    Then that other champion of objective reporting, Sarah Vine, writes in the Daily Mail under a headline “What TV’s Tom has got to tell Harry and Meghan. It is to say the least a hatchet job based upon one man’s opinion.
    Clearly these people have a problem understanding what was said.


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