2 thoughts on “REUNITED 😕 / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. Hi Hugo,

    Can you tell me if I’m still supporting you on Petrion. YouTube is asking me to join your channel. I am some what confused, since I thought I was already signed up with Petronas. Let me know! Thank you.

    I don’t want YouTube charging me for you channel. So tell me how this works. I am more than happy to keep on supporting you.

    Respectfully, S.J.Gore

    On Mon, Jan 11, 2021, 11:22 AM Meghan And Harry Latest News wrote:

    > hugowaverley posted: ” https://youtu.be/qZQytOtA5g4 ” >


  2. The stories around the supposed reunions are all from the tabloid fantasy writers. Although I am sure Harry and Meghan will go back to the UK it will be on their terms and not because the Queen has ordered them to do so.
    Fantasy stories are all the tabloids have these days and the following are examples.
    Rob Lowe allegedly says Harry has grown a ponytail and is living as a recluse, UK tabloids take this as true and manufacture their stories with no way of knowing the truth. Here is a fact for the UK tabloids, millions of us are living a reclusive life these days because of the coronavirus. You have to believe Rob Lowe said what he is alleged to have said with a tongue in cheek.
    Then that outstanding rag, The Sun, runs a story that Harry and Meghan are going to produce a comedy series and all the other tabloids jump on it as fact.
    The UK tabloids are pathetic, no attempt to verify what they put out.


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