3 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. As Harry and Meghan hit the anniversary of their decision to leave the Royal Family the delusional reporting of the UK tabloid press kicks into gear, with headlines like:-
    The Sun, “Megxit is a total DISASTER and triggered major royal crisis, expert warns on anniversary.” (the expert isn’t named). In the article it is claimed the ‘dragged’ Archie onto a recent podcast, (Piers Morgan claimed they ‘forced’ Archie to talk).
    The Daily Express said “their plans are in tatters”, which plans are they talking about?
    It’s worth reviewing the following:-
    They inked a deal with Netflix
    They inked a deal with Spotify, and produced their first podcast that has been listened to around the world, favorably except by the UK tabloids. (#2 top Spotify podcast in the UK)
    Meghan invested in a latte company (hard to believe the behaviour of the tabloids over this, and why it’s anyones business)
    They participated in a number of presentations on a number of subjects.
    The launched their Archewell Foundation
    All of this in the midst of a global pandemic and it is hardly in “tatters” or a “disaster”.


  2. Hugo,
    Its funny almost ridiculous how the tabloid and Pier Morgan can only find time to report on Harry & Meghan while there are million other topic such as. Andrew not being seen, Eugenie and Beatrice pregnancy, The Pandemic, will he Pier Morgan have a job in the next few weeks. As will the tabloid have a job.


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