3 thoughts on “Archewell Website LAUNCHED! / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. You go Harry. Some People do not understand what it is to have a loving Mum snatched from you at the most vulnerable time of your life. To grow up in a fog and told to “keep a stiff upper lip and carry on” Well you do grow up, your eyes open and you realize how great, brave, smart and loving your Mum really was and how unfair she was treated. UNACCEPTABLE!
    Then you meet the the girl God made just for you, the one you know you Mum would love as her own daughter.
    Harry you Mum would be so pleased. Under tremendous odds you stood up to protect Megan and Archie. That’s what a MAN is supposed to do!!…….
    I am so happy for your family and pray for you guys daily.
    Megan, you did what HRH, princess Diana could not, and was not allowed to do….
    You and Harry are one smart, polite and kick ass couple. Mummy Gloria, you are a Rock!!


  2. Oh dear, it appears as if the tabloids don’t quite know how to deal with this, so The Express manufactures outrage over not mentioning Charles and starts another poll to strip them of their titles. The whole roll out was masterful and highlights what the Royal Family and their advisers missed by not supporting them.


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