5 thoughts on “Veiled Threats / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. It appears to me that they (Harry and Meghan) are not renewing, I as a minority have learned to read between the lines of things that are not being said and draw a conclusion. Harry will give up everything after the Invictus Game in 2021 and start their own veterans causes under the Archwell banner and bring in more support world 🌎 wide, and offer more aide to our military heroes away from the RF.


  2. I believe you are correct. I also believe that the extension, that is being stated, is coming from the side of the monarch are rather than from The Duke and Duchess. They ( RF) don’t want to feel snubbed by The Duke making a concrete decision to start and live his life away from them. So, it’s made to appear as though he’s asking for the extension.


  3. The “veiled threat“ is that The Sussex’ Are being told to not eclipse “granny“ on the world-stage. You’re correct when you stated that She has not had a Spotify or Netflix deal, or speaking engagements. But their star will cover and shine brighter than that entire family. So, it “appears to me”, through that unknown reporter’s statement in The Sun Newspaper, that “granny, and her throne heirs“, well, the first and second at least are livid. Although, giving him room to stand down, by putting it as though he’s asking for an extension to their review at the end of March, is actually telling him not to continue forward. They have become afraid of him and the power he wields. They want him back under their thumb, in order for “that firm” to become relevant again, but it won’t happen. His Royal Highness is an extremely astute individual. He knows what is transpiring, the more public he becomes, the safer he’ll stay. IMHO

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  4. Why on Earth, would Meghan renegotiate any deal with the Royal Family, when she is an American Born Citizen. What are they planning to do, kidnap the Sussex’s, by hauling them back to the UK. How stupidity arrogant and disgustingly ignorant.


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