6 thoughts on “Baby ARCHIE SPEAKS On Meghan and Harry’s First Podcast

  1. The predictability of the UK tabloids and their idiotic troll followers never ceases to surprise me. Arcie speaking at the end of the Podcast is not putting him at the centre neither is it exploiting him. The stupidity continues after Archie says three words and the tabloids are all writing that he has an American accent, give me a break.


    1. I totally agree with you. The British tabloids and news, it seems now, are obsessed with The Sussex’. And feel they need to interject anything to make themselves be a part of their (The Sussex’ lives). I’m glad The Duke and Duchess are “unbothered “ by their yapping😂


  2. Just an update on how well the podcast is doing in the main English speaking world, after the UK tabloids tried to make out that no one was interested and a podcast about whale noises was more popular. In the UK it is now 3rd, in Canada 3rd, Australia 10th, New Zealand 6th, South Africa 19th (up 24 places), USA 11th. It is so good to see the tabloids choking on their humble pie.


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