3 thoughts on “Meghan And Harry Officially Most Talked About Royals 2020

  1. As with the Netflix deal there is much speculation about how much the Spotify deal is worth, it never occurs to the tabloid writers that it is none of their business, especially as Harry and Meghan no longer receive any money from the UK tax payer or owe any to them.
    The fact that Harry and Meghan negotiate a lucrative deal is to their credit and has nothing to do with the deals others have, as is the Netflix deal which has no bearing on The Crown.
    One thing is becoming abundantly clear is that by next March Harry and Meghan will be in the driving seat and not the royal family and their courtiers.


  2. I think all this is coursed by jealousy more especially piss morgan and he recruited his cult of which all are the enemies of truth and progress most of them are racist uneducated and white


  3. The nonsense continues as The Express runs a headline “Harry and Meghan humiliated as majority of Britons not interested in listening to their podcast” it is beyond the understanding of these writers that Meghan and Harry are appealing to an international audience and not the limited intelligence of these writers and their troll followers.


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