5 thoughts on “Meghan and Harry SIGN SPOTIFY Multi-Year Deal, First Podcast over Christmas!

  1. OOOO la la Hugo, as they rise. Love the Sussexes as they not only think of living a peaceful life, but developing Philanthropy and building a safe, loving life for Archie and the people who are under served, and undeserved of the type of treatment dished out by selfish people.More grace and blessings. Yaaay. Celebrating!!!!!

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  2. When Harry and Meghan left as senior royals “The Firm” and their advisers believed that when the review took place next March Harry and Meghan would come back with their tails between their legs. Instead they have gone from strength to strength, and how has the tabloids dealt with it? they promote stories that The Firm are annoyed or upset, or that royalty doesn’t do those type of things. In fact it is the tabloids who are upset because they didn’t want them to succeed, in particular look at the response from the leader of the pack, Piers Morgan, he has been at the front these past few days disparaging their latest ventures, so sad.

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