5 thoughts on “‘We WIll Be Okay’ Meghan Talks On CNN Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. Dear, Hugo no one, but no one have ever explains to the world what has been going on about Harry and Meghan the way you do. We (I) do so appreciated you so very much thank you. the words just flows out of you prove that you’re committed to this cause, you’re a man of decency who will let the chips fall where they may and speak truth to power. Sir, you’re one in a million Thank you Sir.
    May you and yours enjoy a very bless Christmas holiday season


  2. Hugo you really hit it dead on. Just the truth, plain and simple. I live in the great USA but grew up in St. Lucia, the Caribbean. I know the British Monarchy. The Pomp and Circumstance Crap is done. These people have enjoyed unbelievable privilege and lavish off the backs of the Commonwealth. As a healthcare professional on the frontline of what’s real, I have zero tolerance for their cruelty to our Princess Diana, and now to Megan and Harry. I am so proud of you for shedding the light on the BULL and supporting Harry and Megan. I am part of your team! Happy New Year


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