3 thoughts on “Meghan Invests, Oprah Promotes, DREAM TEAM

  1. Compliments of the Season Hugo and ‘Squaddies’. Plainly Hugo, Harry and Meghan read about what’s taking place in the world, researching and seeing the impact! Thinkers do not need to be spoon fed. The seek human interest and become involved. There is a young African who devised a broader platform to the present offered. He is definite a good person and team to build. Love H&M. Arising! Happy Holidays.


  2. The tabloid hysteria and from one Piers Morgan continues unabated. The tabloid response to Meghan investing in this company was predictable with Morgan calling it “tacky”. These people are blind to the intent of Meghan investing in this company. Do the tabloids believe that the other royals don’t have investment portfolios? How many would Morgan call “tacky”?


  3. It hurts, when I see how trolls and jealousy are trying to destroy Harry and his family. This will never happened, unless there’s no God. Amen.


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