2 thoughts on “🚂 Tour Goes From Bad To WORSE 🤦‍♀️ / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. One has to wonder how low Morgan is prepared go in order to kiss the ground that William and Kate walk on, he is the grovellor-in-chief. He needs to be reminded he isn’t going to receive a knighthood. He and the tabloids continue to trash Harry and Meghan over the false Sun article, they are all tone deaf


  2. It appears to be that insanity is a prerequisite for being a reporter at The Express and also to be a ‘royal expert’.
    Angela Levin appears in a podcast and makes a number of statements from which The Express writes a number of stories. How this works is clear, The Express dissects what Ms. Levin says and gives a line to an Express writer to invent a story, it isn’t difficult as the bulk of the story repeats information that has previously been written. But today The Express went overboard:-
    “Meghan Markle ‘going crazy’ as Kate and William steal limelight with UK tour claims expert (Angela Levin)”.Ms. Levin is clearly tone deaf and blind not to have noticed the backlash for the unnecessary tour.
    “Prince Harry ‘terrified’ of being ‘told off’ by Meghan every time he speaks, says expert (Angela Levin)”.
    Clearly Ms. Levin has the ability to transport herself to California and watch what is going on in Meghan and Harry’s home. When she makes these types of statements and the interviewer doesn’t challenge her don’t they know how stupid they appear?
    In addition to William and Kate’s trip other royals were also embarking on unnecessary trips, Charles and Camilla went to Salisbury Cathedral, Edward and Sophie visited a university. They all turned up for a photo op with the Queen at Windsor Castle.


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