3 thoughts on “Harry Talks About DANCING With Meghan

  1. Hi Hugo! How are you? I like how you speak about Harry and Meghan! Never putting them down! I would have liked to see them dancing!!


  2. There has been much criticism about the lack of comment by the Royal Family over Meghan’s miscarriage. Then, today, The Express has a headline which reads “Royal Family reach out to Meghan Markle after miscarriage-‘Rift is over’ ” What is the source of this story? Why the ever perennial ‘know-it-all’ Katie Nicholl who is speaking to OK Magazine. Nicholl states ‘Following the miscarriage senior members of the Royal Family reached out to the Sussexes according to reports’. Nicholl goes on to say ‘I’m told William and Kate were in touch with Harry and Meghan when it happened in July’ and continues with ‘The whole family has reached out to offer support’. It’s funny that there has not been any other article written suggesting any comment by the Royal Family, other than this one. Notice Nicholl’s statements, “according to reports”, what reports and what is the source of these reports?, and “I’m told” who told her?


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