8 thoughts on “What Is Wrong With These People? / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. Hugo, in light of humanity, ” some people are poor excuses for human beings.” Let’s not forget, a stiff upper lipped people are not really so; they’re disgusting in their conditioned thinking, and extreme behaviours. The Sussexes have been treated with much malign. And it shows the general tone of the type of families they represent. So Meghan get pregnant and keep it a secret until after. Don’t read the unhealthy lethal media witchery..let them fly backwards on their brooms to the abysses whence they came. Sad decrepit bunch indeed. Hugs, and love added.


  2. Instead of being sympathetic towards her, they throw jeers and hateful remarks at her! Hugo your question, “What is wrong with these people?” I say they are a cold, heartless stiff upper lip bunch! My prayers are with Meghan and Harry!


  3. The tabloid press must bear the responsibility for the hatred and vitriol spouted against Meghan, since she first arrived on the scene their stories about her have been relentless. The tabloids are obsessed with Harry and Meghan, despite stating they are of no consequence, they feed the unhinged hatred of the trolls on a daily basis, shame on them.


  4. It would seem that after the mess they made with Princess Diana they would have learned not to do the same to Meghan. Whose 2 women were the best thing that ever happened to them. For the USA their loss is our gain.


    1. You can’t learn from your mistakes if you can’t admit you’ve made any, don’t care that you have or you’ve never been punished. The RF don’t care because they are never punished for they bad behavior.


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