6 thoughts on “Camilla TROLLED Online From Netflix πŸ‘‘ Crown Fans / Hugo Talks

  1. We know that the treatment was horrible and Camilla was cold and how could they use and treated such a beautiful soul like that and do they want us to forget and how can William forget and forgive her..
    I can’t and I will never because I know how that felt to be treated badly especially when you fall in love 😻 to find out that there were other motives..


  2. I truly believe that the RF had Diana killed, they wanted control of the prince’s and with them being loyal to their mother they had to help her leave this world.


  3. No matter what Camilla do she still looks like horse with a rope face. Your sins has come calling KARMA is a BITCH! I hope you & your tampon wearing man is happy you I hope Diana haunt you at night for the rest of your worthless life. HOME WRECKER!!!!! you’re unworthy to be queen, you’re too COMMON. What is your example of values in your life to women globally SHAMELESS TRASH!!


  4. She was called the “Rottweiler” for a reason, a dog who relentlessly went after a married man although she was married herself. She played advocate to Princess just to find out what was going on in her marriage. Diana gave her that name, we now know why…


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