4 thoughts on “Meghan and Harry Archewell Update

  1. I think the only PR disasters are in the UK. First the refusal by the palace to place a wreath on behalf of Harry, and second the unhinged attacks on Harry placing a wreath.


  2. What do they want a UK based PR team??? Not likely. And stop excluding Harry, they are a team unlike some folks behave. Stop stuttering and foaming at the mouth. The Sussexes are doing well. Give them some room to breathe and find themselves. There’s enough in UK to be concerned about. I worked at the military college here and there are many vets who would love to engage with him. It’s not about medals, but relating to someone who has served well. Cheers Squaddies. Great job Hugo.


  3. Damned if they do and Damned if they don’t… Both, Meghan and Harry, should get used to it and move on in their lives and we the people should ignore their unfounded accusation.


  4. Great job Hugo. You always find a way to make things sound much better. 😀 I really hate negativity so I try and push past it. But total support foe “The Duke & Duchess of Sussex


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