3 thoughts on “Turning A Negative Into A Positive / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. Hello Hugo, what is wrong with humanity. Evil is really in the veins of those whose only agenda is to stir up the negative spirit that they possess. I think people spewing out their poisonous venom, should have a platform to do so. They all need a life. Do something productive with your time…please…


  2. So Meghan’s sister, Samantha, joins the unhinged chorus about Harry and Meghan placing a wreath. Samantha claims they are exploiting the war dead. To put things in context, who exactly is exploiting the war dead. You had members of the Royal Family attend the solemn Remembrance at the Cenotaph in London, Sophie and Edward went to Stafford (where a photographer happened to be available), services were conducted all over the UK (scaled down this year). In Canada we recognize the sacrifices of our military on November 11th every year, as well as in other Commonwealth countries. At all of these events there are cameras and news reporting on the day and next day. Never are these events viewed as PR stunts or exploitive, only Harry has been viewed as such. The UK tabloids coverage has been disgusting and outrageous. This reaction would not come from the country that I grew up in, whatever happened to you? As a country how can you support the vitriol and hatred emanating from your media over the simple act of placing a wreath in Remembrance? Where is your outrage against those institutions?


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