3 thoughts on “Real & Fake / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. This is the only avenue they believe that they can break Harry and this a why this is Happening..

    Why are they denying that the Queen had anything to do with it..

    I believe that there was such a divine even before Harry marry’s Meghan..

    I also believe that there was the conspiracy that her father would nor come to the wedding..

    They g go cold not stop Harry as they did toPrincess Margaret
    This is a sand day for the commonwealth..


  2. I believe there are people within the royal family who don’t like Harry. and they are using Meghan as a scapegoat to get at Harry. Any way for us fans, Harry is simply the BEST OF ALL. He has a heart of gold and that’s why the world especially people who see through haters LOVE HARRY SO MUCH. WE WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT AND LOVE HIM TOGETHER WITH HIS PRETTY WITH MEGHAN AND BABY. GOD IS WITH THEM. PLEASE DO INCLUDE THEM IN YOUR PRAYERS. They will survive this. Harry and Meghan made the best gesture to the fallen soldiers. Bless them.


  3. Hugo, you made a good point about Royal members wearing unearned medals on their uniforms. An example is Princess Ann who wears a uniform with medals, none have been earned through military service, all given to her by her mom (Queen)


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