5 thoughts on “Harry Joins Stand Up For Heroes / Meghan and Harry Latest News

  1. The continued attacks on Prince Harry for the simple act of placing a wreath is disgraceful. The TV hosts and newspaper writers should be hanging their heads in shame, as should all of the trolls


  2. It is so sad that people is so hypocritcal they are turning something has beautiful like Harry and Meghan laying a wreath, which something good to something negative.


  3. PHarry is a Human why treat him as such.He has heart,soul & mind mould him who he is that appreciates,embrace,accept fully God creations.Leave him alone let him free to conquer the normal world not living in a bubble.His curiosity to find himself in a free environment full of educational,learning nature to offer & valuable lessons to study what the world presents & show.I’m inspire for the couple(PHarry & Meghan) potential ability to demonstrate & share the best acknowledgable,accounted for,leadership guidelines for young ones & spontaneous advocacy.Perfectly portrays the world needs right now significantly.Keep going to the path of righteousness & a light to others who can’t decide to themselves the road to follow.A warm & happy holiday season in advance PHarry,Meghan & cutie Archie.


  4. Prince Harry only wants to live a normal life and serve in helping others! What was so wrong about him honouring those soldiers – also British soldiers as well! What’s wrong with them?


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