4 thoughts on “Meghan and Harry Mark Remembrance Day In Los Angeles

  1. The tabloid press and especially Pieres Morgans response is beyond contempt. Can you imagine the response if he did nothing? The refusal to lay a wreath on his behalf shows the pettiness of the Royal Family and the system that surrounds them.


  2. Dear Mr. Morgan, Your Majesty, Royal Family and the British People, I find it appalling that a veterans request was denied to have a wreath laid to honor fallen men and women who gave the last full measure of devotion to King and Country and now Queen and Country. It showed the Royal Family as small petty people. Then because you wouldn’t to that for your grandson, son and brother who is a veteran, he found out that in The Los Angeles National Cemetery had Commonwealth Service Men buried there. As a veteran, Remembrance Day is sacred and duty bound to honor those who didn’t come home. Captain Harry Wales honor the fallen as any veteran would. As we Americans do on Memorial Day, 31, May, old glory is replaced with a new old glory 🇺🇸. Graves are cleaned, taps is played. The contempt shown towards the Duke, who’s a veteran is appalling and I have to ask Mr. Morgan did you serve in her Majesty’s Military or did you weasel out of that, or failed as badly as you did in America that had you running home with your tail between your legs and because you couldn’t make it in prime time, you’re now doing a morning talk show like Kelly Rippa…wow, that’s bad. As far as the cameras are concerned, you know darn well the paparazzi have their house staked out. Any one with half a brain knows that. Oh and Mr. Morgan if you dislike the Sussex’s so much stop reporting on them and tell the rags too. Then you can concentrate on your own country and what’s going on.


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