2 thoughts on “Meghan Will ‘Never Return To UK’

  1. Hugo, Social media is dangerous. It has created some horrid minds. And the need for better human behaviour. What is there to achieve by going back to the UK? The medieval mentality is apparent. The modern inclusion is not in the equation. It’s the positive shade her personality creates. It is envious. And having been able to think, be a strategist, and is successful before even her present journey. When minds are handicapped it invades a free space in life. Who’s thinking for them…the staff?? Wow..in the 21st century people are highly educated as compared to the past.


    1. Uk do not deserve Harry and Megan stay where you are and have a great life shame people don’t remember the support you offered I can only say you are persecuted by the British media love to both of you just do your thing and let everyone else do theirs


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