2 thoughts on “They ‘HAVE IT IN’ For Meghan Says Royal Author

  1. I notice that all the tabloids are reporting variations of the story that Harry and Meghan will not be spending Christmas with the Queen at Sandringham. Will Christmas be spent at Sandringham this year? Why would Harry and Meghan want to spend Christmas with the Royal Family? This is the institution that has allowed unchecked stories to be leaked to the tabloids, when it was clear they were not happy failed to step forward and help, punished them when they dared to step back, and made it clear through subsequent actions they were not welcome. An institution that had it in for Meghan, according to Robeet Lacey, an institution where one member of the family hates Meghan, an institution where Harry’s own brother betrayed him. Why would they want to expose their own son to such a toxic situation?


    1. The best thing Harry and Meghan have done was to step down from the RF. Look what they did to Harrys Mom. He is the kind of man many woman wish they had, stepping up to support his wife and child. Whinny willly doesnt have the guts to do what Harry did. He is a whimp.


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