5 thoughts on “USA Congressman Wants Meghan and Harry’s Titles Removed

  1. Of course, a Republican since Trump dislike Meghan these Baboons would think they could hurt Harry and Meghan. Why not doing his job. There are more things to worry about his State than to mess with removal of titles. Who the F .is he.


  2. What business is it of a congressman of Missouri to dictate to UK Government? Why not dictate stripping Donald Trump of his title. Harry and Meghan is doing a great job!😎😎😎


  3. What is wrong with these people there is so much going on in the world that needs to be addressed and all can do is spend time worrying about Harry and Megan is Harry marrying Megan that hard for you to accept well if it is get over it because he married her and all you are doing is making your selves look like begets.


  4. Seems as if the Congressman didn’t know that Meghan is a United States citizen and was exercising her constitutional rights to comment on the election.


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