2 thoughts on “Meghan and Harry ANNOUNCE 3 x New Engagements

  1. What did Harry and Meghan do now.. I believe even though they step back as working Royals they are doing the right thing and people are just jealous that they are still getting all the attention..

    It’s in the best interest of the Firm to not listen because they are doing a great job in getting more people to follow the firm even though they are in the US. The firm should be proud of Harry


  2. I see Meghan and Harry carving out a niche in marriage and cementing their commitment with out the strain of interference. Give advice, but don’t manipulate. They aren’t suffering any inability to express or think for themselves. This is a time to foster a cloak of growth encouragement. They are much more astute in their delivery. Bold in their ambitions, and can handle their day to day with expert attributes. Take another flash look and it’s plain as daylight. A power couple that Britain and the world hasn’t seen, and the cocoon is now opening. Let them spread their wings and face the issues that most are scared to even mention. They understand, they see the issues and address them with honesty and integrity. Certainly not hiding behind walls or under the table. Courageous and true hearts.


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